AMED® Tips: The same products could have different prices in the market. Buying a CPAP machine is always not just the product, also professional assistance with completed after-sales service. If the seller provides an offer which is unreasonably low comparing with the market, you should pay extra attention before you purchase the CPAP machine.

Maintenance & Warranty

CPAP Device: 2 years warranty (Labor & Parts included)
Humidifier: 1 year warranty (Labor & Parts included)
SoClean2 Automated CPAP Sanitizer: 1 year warranty (Labor & Parts included)

Under Warranty

1) AMED® will send the CPAP machine back to the original country for repair.

2) Free CPAP machine repair  (Except man-made damage), AMED® will provide the same model to the customer until the machine is fixed.

Out of Warranty

1) AMED® will HKD500 for checking & quotation. (The fee will be paid after the customer accept the quotation and agree on the terms of the repairing. Payment cannot be refund.)

2) AMED® will send the CPAP machine to the original country for repair.

3) Repairing fee will be paid by the customer, AMED® will provide same model for customer until the machine is fixed. (This service will be reserved for 60 months based on the invoice date)


(1) Please book for repairing, bring along the machine & receipt under the warranty period.

(2) Cause of man-made damage, self modification will consider breach the agreement, no warranty will be made under such conditions.

(3) Masks, tubes, filters or any accessories are not under warranty.

(4) A Medical reserve right for final decision.

(5) Do not transfer or lend your CPAP machine to others, warranty is only applicable for the customer whose name marked on the receipt.

(6) Please consult with doctor before purchase the CPAP machine, A Medical do not have responsibility for any health issues

———- A Medical reserves the right to update on the above terms at any time ———-

Suggestion of Product Replacement

Every 4 – 6 years: Replace CPAP machine
Every 1 year: Replace tube
Every 1 year: Replace mask
Every 1 year: Replace humidifier
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