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Urban people are busy and often feel tired, but seldom pay attention to such body signals. Most people think that snoring sound does not cause trouble for themselves. In fact, it is a big problem for family members or people around since the noise is a disturbance for sleeping. Actually, the snoring sound itself is the vibration of the muscles in the body when breathing, and these muscles may interfere you form normal breathing and finally cause the problem on lack of oxygen.

People may misunderstand that snoring problem will only occur among obese people. In fact, no matter you’re male or female, elder or youth, such problem may occur on yourself.

The main cause of nasal discharge is the position of the upper respiratory tract from the nose to the trachea. The obstruction occurs, narrowing the respiratory tract, and then causing vibration when breathing, forming a snoring sound.

Secondly, the patient is often in a shallow sleep, keep waking up or dreaming. Patient will also have a feel that their sleep was never enough. The sleeping quality is very poor, and feel tired and exhausted during the day, suffering headache during daytime..

Thirdly, patient often wakes up because of a breath shaking or even stopped breathing. Family members may discover that patient’s breath is stopped.

The fourth type is obese people. Because of the high proportion of body fat, even the muscles and throat tissue of the tongue will have a lot of fat accumulation. Therefore, people with fat body, double chin and short neck have higher opportunity to suffer from sleep apnea.

However, if the situation persists, there is a chance to evolve into “sleep apnea”, which leads to hypoxia and is likely to induce heart or cerebrovascular disease.

Sleep Test Analysis

This sleep test will provide patients with an effective sleep report. Using this report, you can then consider whether you need to take other measures for your disorder, such as a CPAP machine for sleep apnea.

AMED® Sleep Test Analysis
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