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 Sleep Test


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A sleep test is a test designed to monitor a patient’s sleeping patterns over the course of one night. This procedure is ideal for individuals who are potentially suffering from certain sleep disorders including sleep apnea.
This sleep test will provide patients with an effective sleep report. Using this report, you can then consider whether you need to take other measures for your disorder, such as a CPAP machine for sleep apnea.
Our extensive report will include outlines of our monitoring of sphygmus, snoring, your body position, flow of sleeping, body activity, spO2 and apnea. The process involves wearing a set of sleep testing devices during your regular sleeping schedule. The test can be taken at home, and we will give you a detailed report when you return the device the next day.

Note: Please consult with doctor whether you need to purchase a CPAP machine.

Price: $500

About our appointment & procedure:

Make an Online Booking by clicking the above button, or you can either call or WhatsApp us to confirm the date of the sleep test, usually you can pick up the sleep test device in the same day in our Prince Edward showroom. Please ensure you follow our instruction and sleep more than 4 hours, your report can be ready when you return the device in the next day.

Notes to know before the procedure:

1) Do not drink any type of caffeine or alcohol on the testing day

2) Sleep less than 4 hours will not be able to generate report

3) Do not proceed the test during medication

4) $2,000 deposit will be paid before you pick up the device, we will return deposit after the test.

5) Charge may be applicable if any damages are on the sleep test device

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