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Cooperation with Business and Professional Institutions

As a responsible company, we welcome various development plans. If you are the following organization or person, please see if our services can help you:

Medical institutions or clinics: purchase various medical instruments or supplies, provide ventilator and oxygen machine rental services, and sleep testing services.

Supplier: We are interested in medical products produced all over the world. The products must meet international standards. Please forgive me that we will not accept products that do not meet the specifications.

Wholesalers: Quotations can be provided for products on some websites or other higher-level medical instruments or other medical supplies. All wholesalers must provide their real names and registered company information for quotations.

Professional cooperation: We will consider whether your company can provide professional services to customers, and make or decide whether to accept cooperation.


If the above content may be suitable for you or your company: Please email your information and requirements to [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible after sorting it out.

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