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AMED® Tips:Buying medical device with the shop listed as Importer of Medical Devices in MDCO in Hong Kong

Certificate & Purchase

listed as Importer of Medical Devices in MDCO

AMED is official listed as Importer of Medical Devices in MDCO, please check on the government website for details:

Certificate of Listing

AMED represents Koike Jusmine2 is approved with Certificate of Listing by the Department of Health, please check on the government website for details:

Regulation of Import and Export

All of AMED products of sales are required to follow the internal process, assure their quality and completion. In order to protect our customer’s consumption, we must inform Department of Health for any changes of the internal procedure.

Pre-sales and after-sales Service

Buying or renting medical device involved long-term and emergent support, customer should always take serious consideration before making a decision. Our company provides flawless service system, customer receive professional pre-sales advice, and we ensure each customer has enough time and information to make a purchase or renting decision. We appreciate all the compliments from our current customers and friends!

Medical Incident and Recall Arrangement

If we receive any medical incident or recall instruction, our company is required to follow our procedure which submitted to the Department of Health, we ensure our customer receive notice within a reasonable period in order to avoid the extension of the product safety issue.

Local Responsible Person

We guarantee our customer receive high quality service with accurate information, our local responsible person is liaise with the Department of Health and the company internally, target to maintain the growth of our service for our premier customer like you.

Koike CPAP Device

Quality Japanese Brand

Koike Medical has been design and manufacturing medical products for 40 years, as the famous Japanese advanced technology and undoubtedly innovative mind are admitted by people from all around the world. The orange color Jusmine is light-weighted CPAP with simple design ; and in 2017, its family model jusmine.J arrived, it is the first time Japanese made with the touch screen on CPAP device, it created a much easier way for users to check their data, and adjust any settings quickly.

Quality Assurance

Jusmine and jusmine.J passed professional assurance, Koike followed international regulation in production, and obtain approval from the Japanese government for selling medical device, guarantee each product is achieved the quality before shipping to overseas market.
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