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People who have completed the sleep test learned that they need to use a CPAP sleep apnea machine. Most people may not know how to choose the model that suits them and which nasal mask should be used. After using a CPAP machine, you may be worried about the different reactions of your body. Therefore, AMED® has specially set up a rent-to-own plan to provide customers with free professional advice and follow-up usage reports, giving you peace of mind when purchasing.

Free Service

Free Inquiry & In-shop trial service

Flexible Lease Period

Lease period could be on weekly basis

Carefree Shopping

Professional Report & Analysis

 CPAP Leasing Procedure

2-weeks Lease to Purchase Plan

AMED® offers you a 14 days trial, you only need to pay HK$800 weeks rental and HK$3,000/deposit, then you can choose any one of the machines (includes CPAP, auto CPAP and auto BiPAP) and bring it home to try. You can also choose one suitable mask for you, and you are welcome to change the machine (except iNap) during the trial period.


Choose a Standard, Auto, or Bi-level

Many latest models of fixed-pressure CPAP machine, an automatic or a bi-level devices in the selection. In addition, all rental and deposit can be redeemed for purchasing your chosen CPAP machine; which means you can enjoy the trial experience for FREE.


Lease Policy & Refundable Deposit

AMED® offers this Lease & Purchase Plan for patients who like to try the CPAP machine in the period of time. You will pay for a 14-day rental and $3,000 deposit, the period begins on the day of your payment.

An additional lease payment is applicable if you would like to extend one week of trial period, the deposit will be refund to you when the machine is returned with no damage.


Terms and Conditions

1) We will receive $3000 deposit from you. When the machine is returned, the deposit will be refunded to you without any additional charges.

2) If you decided to purchase the machine on or before the trial period, rental and deposit can be redeemed. If you decided to return, the rental will not be refunded.

3) In any special condition, AMED has the right to deduct the amount from the deposit to compensate any loss without prior notice.

4) Tenant should discuss with us before the trial period completed, in order to avoid any waste of your spending.

5) Tenant will be charged for loss or damage of the machine (Price should based on our website details)

6) AMED reserves the right for final decision

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