Lease & Purchase

Most people do not know how to choose the right CPAP machine & masks for themselves after they have completed the Polysomnography (PSG) Study, advised by the doctor they need to use CPAP machine to solve sleep apnea problem. Most importantly, they are curious how would their bodies react when they use the CPAP machine. Therefore, AMED® offers Lease & Purchase Plan, professional advice to help people understand before purchase, also free data report & analysis are always included for youPlease do not hesitate to contact us for further –


14-days trial Lease & Purchase Plan

You might be considering using a CPAP machine for the first time or you might want to try whether an auto works better than the fixed pressure machine. Whichever reason, AMED® knows that sometimes lease the machine may be better than buying one immediately.


Choose a Standard, Auto, or Bi-level

Many latest models of fixed-pressure CPAP machine, an automatic or a bi-level devices in the selection. In addition, all rental and deposit can be redeemed for purchasing your chosen CPAP machine; which means you can enjoy the trial experience for FREE.


Lease Policy & Refundable Deposit

AMED® offers this Lease & Purchase Plan for patients who like to try the CPAP machine in the period of time. You will pay for a 14-day rental and $3,000 deposit, the period begins on the day of your payment.

An additional lease payment is applicable if you would like to extend one week of trial period, the deposit will be refund to you when the machine is returned with no damage.


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