AMED® Hotline: 2396 8178 | 9382 6453 | 香港衞生署表列之醫療儀器進口商編號 IMP180001

Company Profile


was founded in 2014 by A Medical Hong Kong Limited and obtained the Hong Kong and Macau sales rights of the Japanese Jusmine sleep ventilator brand in 2016. Through the sleep monitor made in Japan, AMED helps different guests learn more about sleep quality question, since we always prioritize caring and considerate service, each guest will receive independent analysis and follow-up interviews. AMED can also refer guests to relevant doctors at no extra charge.

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, to solve different degrees of sleep breathing disorder, different products can also be used to achieve the best results. Therefore, AMED introduced the iNAP One negative pressure sleep ventilator in 2019. It uses a lighter device and patented negative pressure technology to fundamentally solve the problem and allow users to breathe naturally and smoothly again.

In addition, the electric oxygen concentrator also brings a ray of light to patients who need to be discharged from the hospital. AMED provides purchase and rental services, fast and safe, and professional use rules to alleviate the concerns of every family in urgent need.

In the future, AMED will maintain a professional attitude and provide high-quality products and services to more people and groups.

How is different from other companies?


✔ The Department of Health lists medical equipment importers
✔ Comprehensive and systematic pre-sales and after-sales service
✔ Customer protection is our top priority
✔ Provide each guest with high-quality and independent service
✔ Provide instant messages and phone answers
✔ Macao partners provide daily in-store service
✔ AMED CARE member maintenance and repair support

How can help you?



Starting with a simple sleep test, we help you to analyze your snoring and apnea issue; finding a CPAP machine is always easy, you just need to sit back and relax, we will do everything for you, ensure you pay for reasonable price and you get the safe medical device in the same time. provides you a life time service, always stand by you.



 AMED® was founded by A Medical Hong Kong Limited


Nov 2014
Location of Prince Edward to open the first retail store for AMED®


Jan 2015
Participated in the Health Industry Expo held at the Venetian Macao Exhibition Hall


June 2016
Obtained the Hong Kong and Macau sales rights of Jusmine produced by Koike Medical in Japan


Mar 2017
To promote the sales of Jusmine J, the latest release of Koike Medical in Japan, in Hong Kong and Macau


Nov 2017
The first Hong Kong airport pick-up service for travel CPAP


Jan 2018
Registered as a medical device importer number IMP180001 listed by the Hong Kong Department of Health


Mar 2018
Cooperate with Macau Lotus Pharmacy to provide a wider range of services to Macau customers


May 2019
Become an agent of iNAP One in Hong Kong and Macau


Oct 2019
Opened the first ground shop as a test site in Causeway Bay


Feb 2020
Opened AMED® Wan Chai retail store to serve customers on Hong Kong Island


Oct 2021
Officially signed as the exclusive agent of iNAP One in Hong Kong

AMED® provides a comfortable environment for you to relax shopping and choose the most suitable products for you.

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