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established by A Medical Hong Kong Limited, we begin to focus on our local customers at our earlier time, later on we started our Travel CPAP-Rental business, which leads us to expand our customer base from Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan and South East Asia etc. In which Macau will soon be one of our core location, where we would provide all services to Hong Kong and Macau customers. Moreover, we represent for our Japanese CPAP brand Koike – Jusmine, in order to enhance our corporation with Koike Medical, and target to import more advanced medical devices.

is different


is officially listed as Importer of Medical Devices in MDCO, our priority is to protect your consumption through our presales and aftersales system. Besides our shop in Hong Kong, our Macau business partner is also providing daily in-store service to our customers, it is no doubt that you can trust our online or offline networks. The full year Travel CPAP-Rental service has the most convenient pickup point in the Hong Kong Airport, you can always travel with a handy CPAP machine with AMED® now.

helps you


Starting with a simple sleep test, we help you to analyse your snoring and apnea issue; finding a CPAP machine is always easy, you just need to sit back and relax, we will do everything for you, ensure you pay for reasonable price and you get the safe medical device in the same time. provides you a life time service, always stand by you.
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