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Quality sleep coaching


AMED 的個人導師協助您如何提升睡眠質素





您的輔導課程會促進及提升您改變睡眠模式及常規的能力, 更可能概括您生活中不同的領域。另一方面而言,這訓練的好處,是改善您的睡眠而提高您整體的健康及生活的素質,甚至更多。





A coach will first seek to build a rapport while helping you articulate your personal wellness vision, the long-term goals you want to achieve, and the obstacles in your way of getting a good night’s sleep (Chemistry session). This initial assessment phase will enable you and your coach to understand your sleep issue fully and all that you hope to achieve, including what you’ve tried, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and any practitioner recommendations.


English / Chinese


• 30 minutes (free trial)

• 60 minutes x 5 sessions (coaching in-depth)

• 60 minutes per session, maximum one session per week (on-going coaching)


Weekday from 9 – 7pm

Weekend from 10 – 5pm

Public Holiday: Off

* Please book your sessions at least one day earlier


• Zoom for Free Trial

• Optional for Zoom or AMED Wan Chai venue


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What we do

Our coaching consultations, which may include visioning and goal setting, aiming to uncover an array of influences on sleep that other practitioners may not have time to explore fully, including:

Movement and exercise

Play and creativity

Stress and relaxation

Career and work

Social connections and relationships

Screen and device time

Lifestyle and environmental factors

Open your mind to the possibility of change

Partner support
Uncover obstacles
Brainstorm options
Adopt new habits to calm your mind

Choose the right sessions for yourself

Free Trial

30-minutes on Zoom

This free session offers you an opportunity to learn from yourself as a starter

$0 per session

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Coaching In-depth

Zoom / Face to Face

This popular coaching sessions offers you in-depth learning.

5 sessions

$400 per session

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On-going Coaching

Zoom / Face to Face

This is a platform for continuous learner who would like to grow with a long-term coaching.

$1,200 per month

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