AMED® 助你尋找睡眠先「機」

[ResMed] AirMini™ Travel Autoset CPAP


Hang Seng Credit Card Instalment
*2 years warranty
Trade Up Plan available





Super light weight

AirMini™ weights 0.3kg, your best auto CPAP for travel and business trip.


Download the AirMini™ App from your smartphone, after connected via bluetooth, you can now set up your AirMini™ and check your sleep data on your smartphone.

AirMini™ Setup Pack / Mask Pack

AirMini™ Setup Pack and Mask Pack are designed to use with ResMed AitFit™ F20 or AirTouch™ F20 FullFace Mask or AitFit™ N20 Nasal Mask or AirFit™ P20 Nasal Pillow, you must find the most fitted one for yourself!

HumidX Technology

The new technology – HumidX™ which does not require water for its humidify function for AirMini™.

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