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[Philips Respironics] DreamStation Go

From $12,800

*Credit card instalment with original price
~ Aftersales Services ~

*2 years warranty
*Free data report service
*Free Oximeter Report
*Free Support Service
*5 years machine borrowing
*No hidden cost
*Optional for Lease to Purchase
*Waived deposit for Travel CPAP Rental and 1 extra night bonus

(Package includes Main Unit, Mask, Tube, Filter, SD CARD, Travel Bag)

*Free Delivery for local only*


DreamStation Go Auto CPAP is always your best travel partner.

– DreamStation series technology

– Optional battery pack for sleeping anywhere

– Touch screen, quick and simple

– Slim tube to fit in optional travel kit



Pressure Range

Ramp Time



Power Supply



Main Unit | Your Choice of Mask, Main Unit | Humidifier | Your Choice Mask

Lease to Purchase Plan

Terms and Conditions

1) We will receive $3000 deposit from you. When the machine is returned, the deposit will be refunded to you without any additional charges.

2) Rental is calculated by weekly, one week or up to four weeks.

3) If you decided to purchase the machine on or before the trial period, rental and deposit can be redeemed. If you decided to return, the rental will not be refunded.

4) In any special condition, AMED has the right to deduct the amount from the deposit to compensate any loss without prior notice.

5) Tenant should discuss with us before the trial period completed, in order to avoid any waste of your spending.

6) Tenant will be charged for loss or damage of the machine (Price should based on our website details)

7) AMED reserves the right for final decision

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